The Man BBQ Story

How The Best BBQ Came To Be

Mr Terry Drives the Van that knows Da Man

Discover Terry's origins, follow his journey, and explore his future endeavors.

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Culinary Journey

Terry Hayes began his culinary career at Porter’s Place BBQ, where he honed his skills in crafting mouthwatering barbecue dishes. His passion for food led him to operate concessions at Safeco Field, offering game-day fans a taste of his exceptional cooking. Determined to share his culinary creations with a broader audience, Terry ventured into catering services at notable corporations like Boeing and Microsoft and took the helm at the Taste of Tacoma, a testament to his growing prominence in the culinary world.

Community Engagement

Terry's dedication to the community is evident through his active participation in local events and farmers’ markets across Steilacoom, Lakewood, DuPont, and Puyallup. His involvement in the Hilltop Street Fair, McKinley Avenue Street Fair, Fircrest Fun Days, and Puyallup State Fair showcases his commitment to enriching local festivities with his culinary expertise. Beyond the kitchen, Terry extends his knowledge as a consultant to Black businesses, fostering growth and development within the community.

The man prepared the first supper on a barbecue.
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Current Ventures

Today, Terry continues to make significant strides in the culinary industry. He operates a commercial kitchen at Watson’s Specialty Event Center and maintains a vibrant presence in the food truck scene with locations at Joint Base Lewis McChord and the Lacey Food Truck Depot. In addition to serving up delicious meals, Terry is nurturing the next generation of culinary talents through his Food Truck Boot Camp, demonstrating his commitment to innovation and education in the food industry.

In The News

A dozen homeless people huddled in the Tacoma cold.

Then Mr. Terry’s food truck arrived:

Terry Hayes runs a food truck in Tacoma, Washington, giving free meals to the homeless. He works with Kevin Woods from Tacoma Recovery Center Cafe to offer outreach services. Joe Foss supports Hayes' initiative financially through a partnership with Multicultural Child and Family Hope Center. The goal is to tackle homelessness as a community issue by serving hot lunches weekly...