The Man BBQ

We bring Tacoma Heat with our Smoked Meat

New Location

Behind Dryers Masonic Hall
Tuesday - Saturday
12:00 PM - 05:30 PM

Mission Statement

To empower the disadvantaged population to become Self-Sufficient Entrepreneurs through the food truck industry.

Core Values

Integrity | Excellence | Honesty

The Best BBQ In Pierce County

Looking to elevate your next event with delicious barbecue flavors and first-class catering services? Look no further than the Man's BBQ Food Truck and Catering! Our expert team is devoted to providing mouthwatering experiences that will leave your guests delirious with excitement. Explore our variety of packages and services to find the perfect fit your occasion. Trust the Man's BBQ and Catering to make your event an appetizing success! #BBQ #Catering #FlavorfulEvents

Special Dietary Requirements

Our team recognizes the shifting landscape of dietary restrictions, we can make specific accommodations without compromising the quality of the meal.

An individual is expertly slicing a succulent brisket on a robust cutting board.

Texas Beef Brisket

An individual is barbecuing ribs on a grill.

Grilled Ribs

Succulent BBQ ribs served on a rustic wooden cutting board.

Tender BBQ Ribs

Savour deliciously grilled pork tenderloin, presented on a rustic wooden cutting board.

Slammin' Sammies

Enjoy the rich flavors of our Chicken Fried Rice with Fresh Vegetables, a classic Chinese dish. This delicious entree is prepared with tender chicken and an array of fresh, colorful vegetables. Our chefs ensure that every grain of rice is perfectly fried so that you get a mouthful of delightful taste in every bite. Whether you are new to Chinese cuisine or a seasoned connoisseur, this dish won't disappoint! Experience the authentic taste and aroma at our place today!

Boneless, Shelless, and Tailless Seafood Gumbo

Enjoy a delectable pulled pork sandwich, deliciously served on genuine parchment.

Pulled Pork Sandwich

Grilling BBQ Pork Chops: An Easy and Delicious Recipe.

Smoked Chicken

Discover a mouthwatering cheeseburger, accompanied by crispy fries, enticingly presented on a rustic wooden board.

BBQ Bacon Burger

Savor delicious BBQ chicken wings served in a bowl, presented on a rustic wooden table.

Hot BBQ Wings

Hear From Our Customers

Customers are raving about the mouthwatering rich, tender, smoky, and savory meats cooked to perfection! They appreciate the meticulous time and care that goes into marinating, smoking and grilling the cuts of BBQ. Notably, our catering team is friendly, well-organized, professional and ensures that each festivity is exquisitely memorable!

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